For those who have a training buddy or two or three (we try to keep this at five or under, but there is no hard and fast rule) training together can be both a more affordable option and a way to share the fun!

Group personal training is just like personal training except you get to do it with your friends.  This is not an exercise class where you are with strangers, instead you choose the 1-4 (maybe more if you have a lot of friends, but usually this is 2-5 folks) people you get to play active games with.

The advantages are that we go lower in cost for each person and you have buddies to get together with both during our sessions and in between to help motivate and keep things fun.  It might not be for the extremely introverted, but as you do get to choose who you hang with and you will all need to agree to 1) be non-competitive and non-judgemental and 2) make sure everyone is having a good time and work to change things to make it more fun for everyone even some of us extremely private types can find one other person to be an exercise buddy.

If the group is starting out together, we can do our first meeting and the evaluations at the same time, although the latter will be a longer session than for an individual.  Remember, there is none of the weighing and measuring which can be embarrassing even between friends involved in our evaluations. It is helpful for everyone to know where everyone else is at activity-wise, you would probably be doing this with folks who already are aware of each others’ health and fitness levels.

You do not all need to be at the same level of fitness as long as you respect and do not make those who might be less fit feel that they are less valued.  We can find ways for everyone to work at their own pace.  You do not need to all have the same interests in activities. In some cases and sometimes we may have people doing different things but in each others’ company.  In other cases and times we may “trade-off” and let a member choose an activity that everyone tries and then another can choose.  The importance here is trust and friendship….and having fun!